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Hello there! The name is Melissa and I am 21 years old. My fandoms are many and I love them all. I am into Sherlock, Supernatural, Doctor Who, the Avengers, Harry Potter,Teen Wolf and many more. All of which you will find all through my blog.

Any art or graphics on my profile is not my own, I found them and I do not claim them in anyway.


make me choose: anonymous asked: iron man or thor?

"I accept your surrender."


Protected from the false god.

Jenna Coleman on set 16.4.2014 (x)

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We’ll figure it out, okay? just like we always do. 

Let it go brother, let it go… 

“My  m o t h e r  raised me to be bold.”

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Palette meme: Sam Wilson with #7, requested by anon.
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We will see each other again, you truly are your father’s son, Harry..

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